Joe Davison’s work spans almost two decades. His award winning films 100 Tears, As Night Falls, and Experiment 7 have all been release over seas in various markets. Such as Japan, Ireland, UK, Germany, and France. Domestically you can see As Night Falls on iTunes and 100 Tears on Netflix. His film Mr. Engagement, a romantic comedy is set to be release this year.

Frost Bite, a film he just made in Alaska is currently making it’s way around the festival circuit and has several offers for distribution in foreign sales. Some of his other films in which he is a lead actor in have also sold all over the world. Timo Rose’s Beast, Fearmakers, and the comic book “mocumentary “Who is Delsin?” have all secured distribution.

As a writer Davison has published four novels Death’s Campaign, Infinite Chaos, Shindy Shine, and The Not so true Adventures of Sam and William. -available at As a script writer Davison has written 23 screenplays. Ranging from horror to kids comedy. Four of his scripts have been turned into films, 100 Tears, Experiment 7, As Night Falls, and Frost Bite. As a philanthropist Davison has started several organizations; The Florida Film Network which has over 4200 members state wide.

Robots for a Cure, which is a not for profit charity company seeking to raise money for suffers of Lupus, Crohns, and Barths Syndrome.

He is also the creator for the show Nerd Shuttle, a Nerd News program that talks about comic books, video games, and movies. Nerd Shuttle Radio airs frequently on Wednesday nights at 8pm on the internet. Davison is also the creator for the game app “Poofender” which you can download for Android Market Place. The company “Butt Based Games” is dedicated to creating easy and fun ridiculous games for children and adults alike.



Mark Tarrant is a Loco Gringo who loves the history of the west, and the unexplained — monsters, rifles, cowboys, vampires, UFOs and things that go bump in the night.

Writing, creating and thinking of new ways to tell stories, he finds himself star gazing at the evening skies in New Mexico, smoking a good cigar and listening to classical Spanish guitar… or Pantera depending on the story he has running through his skull.

A recent transplant to the southwest,  he enjoys taking in the cultures and historic sites here in New Mexico. He has become addicted to green chile and puts it on everything. A big fan of Clint Eastwood films and comic books with Stephen King, Robert E Howard and Phillip K Dick as his influencers.

He writes smash ‘em up adventures for fun and entertainment. He enjoys time with his wife and daughter and hanging out with other creative types whether it’s on the set being an extra in films and TV or hanging out at the local comic shop talking to fellow writers and artists.

Mark enjoys motivating others to write, draw and create. He is the last person to hold back his opinion, but the first person in line for seconds at a barbeque.

He loves a challenge which leads to exploration of the unexplained and the unknown from ghosts to aliens to secret societies… it’s all fair game in his mind.

Anything else? Oh wait he’s got another wild idea for a story… time for a cigar amigos!

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